As I tuck him in bed he reminded me who we are doing this for. Us and our family

He reminded me why we do this. He reminded me why we keep pushing. Yes we are doing this for us for me and him but we are doing this for our family. We had a really good and hard night. I am still here and he is still there. We know what we are working on towards our own goal not other peoples goals. Our goal is to have the life that we both want.  Its hard we all have struggles we know that. This is why we took bad apples out. We have our mind set towards the horizon of our future.  Acceptance is key. Accepting peoples reaction on the other hand is not. You see when you are being judge by the world humans does what they do best selfishness. Its true we are all selfish.  He keeps me grounded and keeps me focused like ford focus. everyday we get smacked in the face with a big No! No one will ever say yes to you. You need to fight even harder and work even harder.  Our goals are getting closer and closer but the struggle is and always will be there. Our now legendary kids are great at the game they know exactly what to do. But a common sickness in the spam community is crab mentality. Yes ciao its real as it can be.

Here are some tips for you in what we learned from our previous mistakes.

  1. Be humble
  2. Build your support system
  3. Trust you’re heart and gut
  4. Keep your secrets to your self
  5. Trust no one but family
  6. Always believe in your powers

Listening is the best thing you can do in this industry. Listen to your inner huntress and inner hunter. We are hunting for deals hunting for gigs. Keep on keeping on no matter how painful it is. Fight for love fight for your believes. Stand up for those who cant stand up. Be kind to one another and only slay the truth. We are the new age media filled with stories to inspire you. If we can keep on keeping so can you. We are swimming with great sharks most of them smile but some have bit us. This doesn’t stop us. This makes us even work hard. You cant be stingy with dreams you must dream bigger. Tonight as I float into the waters of the bubbles that we love. We are even dreaming bigger. We are bigger than life. Be vulnerable, Be inspiring and think positive. We can and we will. We cant stop and we wont stop. Me as the mother of the dynasty and the queen of new age media will slaaaaay faster. Make waves bigger than tsunami.  Make moves bolder than anyone has ever seen. A storm is coming. Stand proud and never look back. My name is Richard John Chox T Talay Rose Cart3l and he is Calvy  Cart3l. Game changers and we move mountains. Always and forever Cart3l Dynasty. Until our next post Dream about us and our world. Our world filled with imagination, creatures of the wild and and our now legendary children. If we named you ours be proud of being our kids. We are and always will be the future. Force yourself. Do you and educate yourself.


Special thanks to our big mothers and our Big fathers who are helping us with our journey and to the leaders that still stood by us. We wont forget what you have done for us.


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