What companies do we work for.

Hello its a work day today no time to rest for us. We hustle like there is no tommorow. Today we found out some greatnews. We wont say it yet we will just keep it to ourselves for now. But first things first people want to know what companies do we work for. So here is a list of the companies that we are working for. 

  1. Ix daily 
  2. Beach body 
  3. Shakeolgy
  4. Club monaco
  5. Jennifer Fisher
  6. Opening Ceremony. 

Its a day and its only 3 pm. I still have to go trough all the pictures that I took yesterday and the pictures that Im working on with my japanese mom. We also have some of the current fashions that we love at work that im assembling for everyone. We are almost 70 percent done with our online store just abit more work. We are still working on where to set up our pop up shop. We have 3 options so far. Today is another great day. Small victories need to be celebrated. Its hard when ny partner in crime is all the way in the other side. But he is also working on alot of things. Busy bee we are. But being busy is good. It makes the day at work go faster. Being legendary and being the choosen ones are hard. But there is no stoping us. We are focused like ford focus. Me and him are the leaders of the pack.  So much has been done behind the scene. Its exhausting you know. But we keep on keeping on and just doing us. We do this for us, our family and our now legendary children. As a mother I feel like all I do is put out fire. But you know what thats ok. We love our jobs. The gods are smilling on us. We are smilling back with grace and dignity and class maybe with K sometimes but thats ok. This is what sets us apart. How we talk how we act. We are sassy and fierce. Comedy is part of our game. Its so much easier when you take out the bad apples. Until our next post always and forever cart3l dynasty. Let the music play. We are the cure and we are the new age media. 


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