We are not perfect just real.

Live your truth they say. This is the truth. We are perfect just real. Real as it can be. Welcome welcome to the land of missfit toys. The land where diversity is the key. The land where people move to music, art and fashion. Welcome to cart3lfromlove.com. we have it all. We have different kinds of contributors. We are the leaders of the pack. Our legendary children are our contributors. The magazine is filled with stories. Filled with articless and stories. Our concept if from the old days of drag and art. You see the melinia brings different kinds of magazine out there. Ours is inpirational and educational. As the mother I am the publicist, curator and writer. 

We live by the rules of the street. We are a force of nature. We have the gods the new and the old behind us.  

Our words are different than the rest. We use words like slay hunty and nurse. Online is our playground. We pave ways for individuals who are strong and has guts to be bold and different. 

We preffer honesty and loyalty. We have a team on people that we showcase. How deep is our love? 

Ultralove is our fuel of choice. Electric magic is what we use. Sending possetive vibes and changing the world one post at a time. 


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