To be or not to be! Comedy with conviction.

You see people still wont keep there mouth to themselves. You see sharing is caring in Cart3l. What bugs me the most is seeing how people react to things. Like for example I just saw this why would you say something that you have no idea what you are talking about? Well you know what we say to that! please go to the exit now. I wont blast anyone I will just ignore them with pride. We all have our struggles in life but this is our path and the only rule is to respect us and listen to what we say. Why would you voice out your opinions when you know good god damn well that we are working towards a goal. Why? Mama Ru said you are born naked and the rest is drag. Yes this is true to all of us. Look deep in your hearts and see if what you say will hurt someone or not. To be a legend just like me and him. You must follow the rules of the queen and king. Our now legendary children have great opinions look at the original cast and look at the new age kids that we added.  We focus on our work and our path. We don’t let anyone divert us to what we need to do. How I wish I people will listen to us. But you know people have to try. We don’t blame you. You want to be like us. Not all can be legends not all can be part of our team. But we will help as much as we can. Sometimes there is really a lot of consequences when you yell out loud on what you are doing. This is why our plans are just to ourselves. Mine and his if you know something and you know how we communicate then yaaaaaas gaga you are legend. The ball of it all the legends ball. We will have a lot of them it takes time and patience to create something and this is what we do we are a production company and is our new age magazine. Filled with articles filled with amazing stories. Don’t cry for me Argentina we are not your parents our kids are legendary they really know how to play the game. Us the creators are the best at playing the game we created.  The name of the game is tag your it. The waves are for the our team to stand proud and voice there opinions and let the world know who they are. It wont be easy you think its strange. The ball has already started. The categories are end less. You can be a butch queen first times in drag at a ball or you can be a coach and an educator like me.

If you work online there really are no rules. You can say what you want and do what you want. This is what sets us apart. We all have talents that was given to us some are just great at rising to the occasion. Some don’t know what to do. If you don’t read the whole thing or look at the original cast and see what they do. What we do we. To be great at something is to put all your emotions and your all powers towards you’re creation. Have we said to much? but all you have to do is look at us to know what we say is the truth of it all. It is the hunger games out there. Let the games begin get your reading glasses on because its time to slay the truth lave family alone. slay everyone dig deep so we can showcase your talents and may the best woman win! let the music play. always and forever cart3l dynasty. Dont worry we are the cure. We are the future of online creatures. We rule with class, dignity, grace and humble pie.  Eat it! NO TEA NO Shade NO PINK LEMONADE. Be Kind to one another.


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