There a no rules in love 

You see no one believed that we were talking to these people. You see no one believed in the love that we had with each other. I follow my gut and my heart. I let the nature tell me when to write. As artist and as the mother of evolution and queen od the dynasty. I have to be the strongest. I have to be the one making all the waves. Not just for me but for all. I do this because of him and our familya. You see this is not just a magazine. This hope for individuals like me and him. Individuals who dont fit the society. Individuals who have what it takes to get to the top by encouraging people to stand up for love. Time and time again people will test us. Time and time again people wont still see us for what we are. Thats ok we are here to prove them wrong. is the love that I was given as a child. The love that he gives me when he smiles. That love that ny sisters give me when the make me laugh. The love that I got from my friends that I love. Life really isnt so complicated you know. Its the way you choose to live it. We all have struggles in life. We all have our stories in life. But what sets us apart is ourselves we made this together. It did take me 3 years. Until now when I look at who im talking to online or who in responding too. It still gives me the chills. It still gives me an emotion when people stand up for us. I have a secret to you guys. You know how I got this brave. By leaving my inhibition behind. Lost inhibtions was my first failure in life. I can never ever let it go. I can never forget how much work I put into it. Then I moved on like a child looking for a new toy. Job after job I kept saying well if you would have listend to me then you would actually hear me. I found my voice from IX. That was when I felt alive. I felt like I belonged to somewhere. I felt like once in my life I knew what I wanted. Then shit happend on top of that even more shit happend. I dont look back. I dont like to live in the life of regret just like him. You see we really are not to different from the rest of you guys. What sets us apart is the love we have for each other.

He really is a little genius you know. Im brilliant and charming. But he is one of a kind. I never seen anyone so complex like my father. I never seen anyone who think like that. Then people started to test us. Thats when I started building walls around us as protection. Man the walls I keep saying. But now more than ever we dont care about it anymore. Because we are happy. Patiences is not our strongest suit. We move on. I react on certain things. Becuase its rude. Because its mean. Everyone one will talk thats the conciquences of silence. Thats the consiquences of being loud and extreme like us. Words do hurt. Thats why we say exit stage left. We all judge but we all care thats why. We care about what other people think. We conceptualized. We play the game like there is no one like no other. We make our dreams into reality. That is what cart3l is all about. Celebration of life. Standing up for love. We arent hurting anyone if we did we already said sorry. Respect the decisions and how we played the game. It really is hunger games out there. We see it everyday from peoples reactions. I call them flat out. Honesty is the best policy. We are the slayer of the truth. We are the cart3ls. Always and forever cart3l dynasty. 


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