Good Morning! Its hard to be a comic online!……….Lets Keep it Light

You see we are silly bunnies me and him.  We are also funny people but its hard to be a comic online. Comedy is how we both make it by. Being a comic and a writer doesn’t really transcend to some. We are also sarcastic people. Today our main goal is to keep things light. Like a MCChicken for breakfast. We like to think that we are both funny as hell but our humour is more like the British style. I am going to tell you a story about this woman. She is a great person she is bigger than life. You know she does love her MCchicken. She has a great attitude in life. But you know whats sad about her is how people around her really talked shit about how lazy she is. Yes she is a bit of a lazy person. You see in life you get what you serve out. We believe in karma. We believe that Karma comes back in 3 folds.

Life is really simple as long as you know who you are. As long as you are not hurting anyone you must keep on keeping on. Find the light. Shine bright like there is no tomorrow. Don’t be a drag just be a queen. Legend does what a legend is. We will make waves today but as always we wont say when. Its to keep everyone on there toes. You see the game that we love which is called tag your it is getting bigger and bigger. More individuals are playing it. Some not patient enough. But this doesn’t do anything to us any more like we said. We will keep on swimming with the big sharks. Until our next post. Let the music play! Its time dance! Its time to rejoice! Let the heaven feel your emotions. Feel the love that we have. Let it run trough you like an electric charge. I am heading to Metro town soon to go to work.  Slaaaaay everyone but leave family alone.


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