Ending the night with love and jokes. When a woman or a gay guy is in power why are people intimidated?


Ending the night now so we can create more material for guys to read. So we asked about the question of art and also movies tonight we shall ask the question why is it when a gay guy or a woman is in charge people are intimidated? Well first things first yes I may look angelic but I am not that innocent. You see time and time again people are getting funnier and funnier Tonight I call shade and shenanigans.  You see when its a man who is in charge people will always be like oh yes ill do it. But when its a woman or a gay guy you can see how they change there attitude quickly.  Its like why do you have to lie? or why do you have to think about your answers? If we are intimidating you well that’s coming from you not coming from us! Like I said in the past people will do whatever it takes to put you down no matter what. You know what we say to that?………what? yes please take the exit stage left. Its okay to feel like that because we are in power. Power is only given to a fair few people. Power we took with no questions asks. We can go to places and ask for things now more than ever. We have to take our time and be patient with our moves. We have to be faster than the rest of the world. Our company is on the move hunting for more people to add.


 Yes we do have people now and we call them management. This is our our core team this is the main people who stayed loyal to us. When you scream how happy you are that when people will start questioning you and your motives. We are from love you see  we don’t have to explain anything to anyone except to ourselves and our main people. How farfetch how other individuals took us seriously and then small people don’t.  We have evaluated and checked what we have done wrong and we learn from our mistakes. This is what makes us brilliant we move.

We are gone with wind fabulous.  Power is power just like the woman who is serving you KFC or the person that is in the baggage check of the airport. Some really take it in. That you are like really? What does that do to you in a daily basis? Does that make you happy? Is that enough validation for you?  In order to be legendary evolution is a must. Revolve and evolve with time or else you will be left behind.

NO TEA NO SHADE NO PINK LEMONADE.  Tonight we will be celebrating small things the fact that we are alive and happy and the fact that we know what to do and where to go and who to trust. Let us all race our glasses again because we just changed the world together hand in hand. Let the music play. We are the cure and we will never change and stop. Always and forever Cart3l dynasty


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