As we go on with our life

We are happily partnered. We are together. I dont know why that matters to some people or why I have to repeat myself over and over again. Stupid I know but we go on our small dates as much as we can. We will always pick love. No matter what we do. So about yesterday. Here is what I was wearing. 

He was equally as cute as what I was wearing. Comforth is really where it is now in fashion. Yes dare I say that I love wearing yoga pants now more than ever athletic gear and also tech fabrics is where its at. But then again as time goes by you really key in with what you love so much and you do kinda need to break the pattern. Force yourself. Originality is what sets us apart. We are happy and glad on what we are working on. Patiences is bassically swimming and not looking back at hate. Moving on to better lighting and move on to the life that we both want for us and our future. Will talk again soon. There is so much to do today. Keep on keeping on with us. Always and forever cart3l dynasty.


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