As I tuck him to bed. We ask for forgiveness. Power is only given to those who know how to use it.

Words hurt we know that. We are respected now as the slayer of truth. No more drama. No more looking back. How to end the suffering and how to move on with grace and your dignity all in tack. Swallow ayour pride. Ask for forgivness with the new and the old. Ask for light from everyone. Hear not evil and speak no evil. If we have hurt you or have said words that made you think we arent adult enough to handle critisims we ask for your forgiveness. If we have said anything to torment you thats not right. We again ask for forgiveness. We are the slayer of the truth. You must not judge the book by its covers. Learning how to handle whats given to you and serving them with fierce grattitude is a must in the indursty. Yes we are not god yes we make mistakes. Dont put salt in places you should never put. They will sting you in the end. Humbled by our early begginings we are. Use our words use our tallents you did. We must seek only those who want help. We must rise to the music of peace and equality. You see time after time we see someone speaking there mind and then you really see what you have done. I for one am learning how take it like a man. Yes she is. We are both learning from everyone we are both doing what is a must. Sometimes we speak with a tounge so fierce that people dont recognize us anymore. Evaluations is another key to becoming devine. Evaluate what you said. Learn from your mistakes. We are not perfect. What we lack we look for from others. Tonight we are smacked again by reality. Tonight the gods have brought as back. We have moved on from the baggage. Never say never. The truth hurts but then again I realise. Its just a game. Its just words. When you are forced by some to say things you dont want to because if there reaction you know what we say to that. Move the left. It will take time. Pain and suffering is what we feel now more than ever. Its because we know we are good enough and we know what we have created. Our parents raised us well. We are babies like what people call us. I shall say this dont let the pain take over your heart. Be the cure. We are the cure. Inspire the unspired with your words. From here end we shall say this again and again. The reason why I made a persona is so I cant harm people that we love. You see in bussiness there will always be others who will voice out something that will bother you. Just like the great god herself said. Dont mind those who are behind you. There is a reason why they are there. The whole concept is from drag. The whole thing is from arts. We have moved on from certain individuals because we knew what they are all about. Harsh eh? Cold? No honesty is the best policy. We release our pain with our words. You see just like the british humour that we both love. Not everyone is going to take it the right way. A great mother has told me once. Not everyone will love you. Not everyone will applaud you. That for one thing in greatfull that he has given me. But his words did hurt me like no other. Blocking the ugly is the best way. Blocking the world is really what you must do. 

Wanting to be licked is a sickness. Wanting to adored is a sickness. But we know who we are and we know what we have done. Im sure that deserves more than just a patt in the back. The great lion told me once to becareful on what you say. He is the great lion of our family. You see we are surrounded by people that gives us the truth. No T No shade no pink lemonade. But we all have chips in our back. We are all filled with ego. But sometimes you really do need to ask for forgiveness. We are not fools. We know when someones playing us or not. We have proven ourselves time and time again that we rise. Tonight we shall say this. When it comes to business it is war. We have done our work. We have made our damage. We are proud of what we have that is enough for us.

Choosing who you can trust and who you cant in this industry is the hardest. It really is funny when people react to what we say. How I wish we can just copy paste them and show them but we wont. There is also another thing I would like to touch base on. Obviously perfection is not what we are. We are just voicing our opinions which is valid now more than ever. Mama ru said it best if you cant love yourself how the hell are you gonna love someone else? We are from love. We will always choose love. We only ask that you respect us and what we created. How hard it was or better yet how hard is still is. Your heart is all the way to the other side. Dream about our love. Dream about us. Until our nest post. Always and forever cart3l dynasty. I shall float in the oasis of the water tonight. Will speak again soon. Dont worry we wont stop. Thanks humanity for smilling at us. It really is trully humbling that you know about us. Be kind to one another guys. Let the music play. 


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