Yesterday on

Im still here and he is still there. Times are changing we are moving in to the right direction and following our guts and our hearts in our moves. So here is what I wore yesterday running around with my sisters. While he is there running around with his brothers. We still have lots to do so bare with us with our short blog posts. Keep on keeping on as they say. We are looking in at agents and we picked the perfect ones to represent us. Such a great time for online creations the millenia brings so much more work for individuals like us who are creative and passionate on what we do  why do you need agents? Because they can help get us better deals and bring our creations to a whole new level. We can get deals on our own. Im here to collect more kids and also to set up the other half of our bussiness. He is there puting up with toronto and making sure we have somewhere to go home to everyday. That will be out hub 1. Yes we are building hubs all over canada. With help from our kids and with help from choosen leaders and choosen people. We the future leaders of our time. We must all be patient and really look whats out there. There is much more to do. Sometimes I wish that we are like robots and we can just fuel up and keep going. But you know that is the beauty in humanity. We are not like them  we have emotions. We have the abbilitie to fall in love. We have the abbility to feel. Stay tuned always and forever cart3l dynasty. Thank you for everyone who is helping us behind the scene.  Play be the rules of love. Respect what we created and look at from the start. Read the whole thing from page 1 get a cup of tea. Yaaaaas we are slaying the game. Until our next post be you be a legend. Let the music play.


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