Subversion is the name of the game.

Yes it is tonight we change things up. Almost to close to being normal. We dont like that. We are changing it up. Times are diffrent now. Times are molding us. Our views are essential. We are legends. Legends will fight. Dont be basic. We wont say it again. Reading the Big Black Book got me started in playing. Some people are to predictable. Some people are not even reading it anymore. All they do is wait for the drop. Thats not going to work. We have made our ground by being a savage on our oppinions. We pick and choose the times to drop some are good and some are not. But today we wont explain. If you dont get it? What ohh yeah take it now. We wont take people back until we see what you can offer. We promise to never change and we promise to always keep swimming but the name of the game is tallent show. You need too step it up. You need to make a change now. Think and dig deep we all have our tallents pictures are not tallents. Learn everyday grow everyday evolve everyday. Dont feel relaxed speed it up and then slow it down. Boom hit the waves ill play with some tommorow. But please do us a favour and do be borring and basic. You know what to do. Grasp the oppurnity no one will give us anything we need to fight for it. No ifs no buts. If you have to cry because you gut hurt that ok. Dont waste my time or his because we have no time to give. Time is off the ssense. Revolve and evolve. Farfecth how people dont see.

Do what you love. Speak up and let us know we are planning and replanning will put you in our books. Good night and goodmorning but this post is a must. Your not doing it right your not playing it right. We took apart ourselves and we know where we need to go. Plans we changed for no one will see what we sre doing. Thank you to everyone we messaged and thank you to everyone who made this day a success. Dont be lame be you. Step it up. Look for inspirations. Time is now. No more winning no more feelings to give. 

Just a friendly reminder. These are just wordsm these are just our oppinions which do matter. So again thank you for playing good night slaaay everyone and leave family alone. Until our next post always and forever cart3l dynasty. Let the music play 


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