Lets get started! Oh Good Morning I didn’t realise this was happening today. Thank you to everyone.

What a great day we had yesterday. We got a lot of things accomplished. I am still here and he is still there but things are more than just looking up.

  • Hubs are being built 4 seems to be the perfect number
  • Our team is getting bigger
  • Our supporters are getting bigger
  • Our moves are getting more and more quicker

Sometimes you really need to only tell a small amount of people and then test them and see how the react to certain things. Now that we established and reestablished our ground. We would like to say thank you to everyone who has been around since day 1 of our journey. Its been nothing but a crazy one yes. We are the new age media. Filled with stories articles and more. We use every single bit of our talents that was given to us by our parents and what we educated ourselves into. We are self made, what we learn is school wasn’t enough. We learned from the streets, we learned from books, we learn from social media. The millennia has so much to offer for everyone. Me the queen of dynasty and the mother of evolution has more than one job here. I am the co creator, I am the publicist, I am the wave maker. He on the other hand is the king of the dynasty. He works behind the scenes and establishes deals and is also creating our main hub. Hubs will be all over Canada first it will be easier too travel before we head to places that are in our plans. We make our dreams and turn them into reality. This is why we created it as a production company. Cart3l is a production company. Cart3l is a brand. cart3l is juice from the gods. cart3l is ink. Cart3lfromlove.com is our platform were we Wright about what we see. Where we use the imagination and create every single thing that we can. As the leaders of the pack me and him we are the hardest workers. We break walls we break chains we diligent and vigilant with our work. We aim for flawlessness but we know how to react when it comes to things we cannot control. We must all focus in our paths we will make waves for everyone we will let it rain for everyone. This time around we have something to say. Silencia Let it be known that we count strikes. Let it be known that we don’t deal with ego. Let it be known that we are in business. Mark our words we are here to be nice but don’t push us to say things we don’t want to say. First things first you need to dig deep pictures are not enough for talent. You must really showcase your gifts. Look at our team look at what they do. Look at the original casts. From the fly girls to jakartalarta from our coaches to our Frenchie we are the new age media. We made the game and will continue to do it so others who still have no voice can finally stand up on there own. Cart3lfromlove.com is about pushing boundaries, inspiring people and pushing the envelope. Diversity is the name of the game. If you know what we are doing then great you are a leggend. But if you don’t I urge you to find your path in life. Its time to dance like no other, Scream harder and run further that you have never been. We live in underbelly of society. We are the cart3l. Let the music play.  We are the cure. we are the future. Always and forever cart3l dynasty.


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