How to become legendary?

Steps in becoming a legendary children.

  1. Find your hidden talent
  2. Speak up
  3. Talk to people
  4. get your support system
  5. Find something you love to do

We make it look easy yes we do. But to be honest its hard and everyday it gets harder and harder. We are swimming with big sharks huge. Bigger than us but you know whats inspiring us is the sharks are smiling  at us.  Yes they are smiling at us. We made the company and there is no one stopping us now. We keep swimming we keep getting faster and faster. Patience is the key to life. You need to build and rebuild every single thing that you have created. Don’t be afraid to fall don’t be afraid to break chains. Fear is killer in this industry. Fear of not being enough is the hardest thing ever. We are enough. Our stories are enough to inspire for people to get up everyday and take control of there life. is about reaching for the dreams that you want in your life. Taking whats yours with possessive energy. Working hard for the dreams that you want. No one is going to hand you anything you must take it. You must go with the flow. You must keep swimming. Everyday we get tested by people around us. Everyday we get tested on simple things. But you know what we do and say to do we say bring it on. Test us. Keep doing it because we will always win. We have a strong support system and we are stronger than ever. We have nature behind us. We have the gods the new and the old looking at what we do. We are the new age media we are the Cart3ls.


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