Fashion trends that we love

Yes im still here and hes still there. We are getting thing done. Today we were looking for trends and we found them. Where fashion is going and technology is going is comfort and relaxed looks. Style is style its either you have it or you dont. Fashion dreaming and art all part of the world its really how you look at the beauty thats out there. You must open your eyes you must shut the world and see whats happening we made waves for our people so the world know who we are working with. Here are just some of our favourites in the streets. 

She sold everything from the shoes to the coat. 

She maybe old but damn the hair was everything. 

Squads are all over the place dressing it sync with colours. We love dressing matching even though we dont do it on purpose it just happens. 

Use printed pants to add a twist in your borring wardrobe. 

Dip into the watters with this look. 

Have fun with fur. 

Sportswear dont you dare count them out. 

Backpacking into life. 

Here is what we have to say. Fashion is fashion if you dont have fun with it then your just basic. Basic people are not wanted. Basics are a must to have a wardrobe but please do us all a favour and add some punk in your life. Dress to the occasion. Dont just let other influence you. Stand up and be proud. Just like us. We are not the norm and never will be. We love finding inspirations from the streets. The streets really is where its all happening. As the leaders of the pack. We follow trends yes we do. But we keep our own flare in what we do. Cart3ls are the game changers. Cart3ls our royalty. We are the new age media. Its time to dance to the beat of our hearts. Do what you must. Run, scream shout. We are the cure. We are the cart3ls always and forever cart3l dynasty.


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