Ending the night with tears of joy

I have no more words. We are the new age media. We worked so hard to get to where we are in life. I am touched by the respons of great gods. Gods that We never knew would look at us like this. Yes all of the words of encouragement from two of the major companies that I have only dreamed of working keeps giving us life. It did take me 3 years to come up with the plans. But when I took it apart and really looked at it I saw where I made mistakes. We are humbled by everyone. We are the cure for people. The stars are all going our way baby. The stars are telling us what to do. Today more than ever how I wish I can run into your arms. Its ok soon we will be. He takes me up just like my family. Im crying in starbucks on my own. It took me so long to finally see everything so clear. The beauty that the milenia brings. We are overdosed with love from everyone. Fron the great duma to delaru. I still have more to say. We wont change we wont stop dreaming now more than ever. I would like to say thank you from me and him and our familya. You bring us joy in times that we need them. You give us the push that we need when it gets so hard to wake up. Thank you thank you thank you. Until our next post. 

Let the love flow. Feel our powers. Dont give up fight for what you belive in and always always be kind to one another. It really is a great feeling. This magazine matters now. This magazine is the new age media filled with stories, articles and people. It really is a comunity. It really takes a village. You know who you are. You know who has been there for me and him from day one. Dont stop dreaming slowly but surely we will get to where we need to. Hubs are being built. Waves are working. Lets all raise our hands to the gods and say thanks. Tonight the magic he gave me and the magic that I found from the hands of my family. From leaders who never gave up. Who alwayd saw my pottential and his. To those that know what we had to do. To those who kept us safe. To everyone thank you from me and him keep slaying the truth and only the truth. Goodbye until out next post always and forever cart3l dynasty. We did good today guys. Pat your self in the back. Kings and queens we feel like today. Look at our legendary children. They are ready we are ready. Use us use our tallents. 


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