The deal for the agency is not just for me and him its for the all star team. The main people who we talked to from the start. 

Its for them to help us all. Its for all off us. Like we said in the past. Sharing is caring here in canada only we have about 48 contributors all in different fields thats just the just the main people. We have more we have some from the states some all over the world scattered. We have different people working on different things. We must all be patient we must all make plans. We must keep swimming with the big sharks. I will be available to everyone. The main reason why im here is to set up the entire half of the bussiness. The brand will be released in toronto. The store will be based here locally. The people that we are working with have different jobs. The people that we are contact with are all from different places. How I wish we can jump up and down. But we need to celebrate small things. For example. Talking to people and people saying yes to us instead of the harsh no. This time around when We changed the game we changed the whole plan designed towards the future. Mine, his, our familyas and the company itself. The problem was in the beggining is the leaders didnt belive in out capabalities. Also some people instead of celebrating with us they pushed us to the corner. That is not loyalty that is not how we work here. Dont test the people who are helping you. We also learned from our mistakes everyday. We take people out that dont have anything to offer for the team. We are here to be in bussiness. We are here to do what ever it takes for us to win. Its not easy but we keep swimming. Everyone must stay educated and react to only things that you need to react. We keep our promises. We will get to the top togetther. We are a team and there is no I in the team. There is us. So for those who still think stories are not enough. Or who dont like what we are doing please head to the exit now. It will save us all some time in the long run. We are happy on what we created and we are pleased on hoe things are going. Comment wont do anything to us. We talk everyday. Its hard to communicate when we are both on the go and we have so many things happening. The goal now more than ever is to see eaxh other. The goal now is to finally celebrate this whole thing with each other. So let the music play. We will make waves for everyone but we wont tell you when. If you know then you know. If you have a secret then you should start more than playing the game start making news on yout own. Slowly we will get there together. Always and forever cart3l dynasty. Be the cure. We are the cure. Until our next post. Feel our posetive love let it run trough your body. Thank you, xie xie and salamat from me and him and our familyas. 


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