Back to our safe place

When me and my partner where just starting this whole thing we had safe places all over Toronto where we can be ourselves. Yes I know its really stupid eh. But Toronto the land of plastics and the land of savages the america of Canada is really like a jungle. We both love it, we both feel the energy of the streets.  In Toronto you need to stand out there is way to much creative people and there all wanting the same thing. This is why we started the company this is why we built it for us, for our family and our new age children. Who now are called legendary children of the Cart3ls. We are the leaders of this pack. Funny how the people who we let go in our past are all coming back now. Let me tell you something. First things first we are real. Real as can be this is why we are forced to say things when we are tested but you know what at the end of the day. We are happy we are both working hard to get to the bottom of everything. Time after time we think and reflect on how we have to make our moves. The worst part is when we told way to many people. Then the people that we told wanted more. That’s not how it works here. Loyalty, respect and trust is given to only those who stood by us since the beginning of time. What we have is our stories of hope and stories of inspiration. If this is enough for the the right amount of people this should be enough for all. The company that we first burned were the first ones who really showed there ugly colour. We wont make mistakes now in what we write about. You cant make everyone happy. Some people will still test our love. Some people will still try it. But you know what we say to that. Stoning is for ugly girls. We are humbled by the people who embrace us. We are humbled by our family and each other. Tonight We want everyone to dig deep and look really in your hearts and see. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. We will always pick celebration. We will always pick the light more than the darkness. Never say Never. You must stand proud on what you choose in life. We pick love. We pick each other. Here are more of our old stories and old articles for everyone to enjoy.

Its time to rest. Its time to heal. We discovered the antidote and the cure. Be the cure. We spun gold. We have are ups and down but we will always rise. Our love is stronger. Let the music play dance and be kind to one another. Always and forever Cart3l dynasty. Thank you, xie xie and salamat from me, him our familya and Now are legendary children watch out for the waves they will come. We need to rise together.


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