As I tuck him in bed. I am humbled by him.

There was a time that I was alone. I was a lost boy just like him. Run run lost boy boy we run.  He has his marked on him. I have my own mark just like his. Away we run together to neverland. We believe in ourselves and what we are capable of. Now we have a family.  Now we have more than reality. Now we have dreams. Dreams of our life that soon will come. Patience my little child will see each other soon.

I promise that you will never be lonely. We usually hangout in our world of playtime and dreams. Now its getting bigger and bigger. We shall say thank you. We shall say peace is with in us. Life is just getting started shut them out and dont let anyone know where we are. We are from light we are one. Me and him. Him and me I shall fight faster than anyone. I shall scream louder than everyone. No one knows how hard this is than me and him no one knows the pain than me and him. Feels like a million years ago since we see the future that we wanted to be. I for one has the charm just like you my oh my. Words we have like no one other. Notes we have like never seen no other. Life we have like no one else there. Exclusivity in what we have to offer. World is filled with people people who will put you down no matter what you do in life. Colour the whole wolrd with the crayons that we have. Paint the world with our love. 

Take me to your arms my sweet love. Baby you will smile just like the gods the new and the old who are looking upon us. Silence we have a story to tell. Silence we are the news in town. We will fight for whats ours mine his and our familya. We always spoke like there is no tommorow. We are we are the choosen ones. 

Say what you must do what you must . Hear no evil speak no evil. We have what it takes for no tommorow. Stand proud stand tall. Don let anyone take it. Its ours mine his and yours. Legends we are legendes we will be by standing together. Hand in hand we fight to the top slowely but surely we can have that tommorow. Thank you oh great one. Thank you my love. My hands are from the great lion. Our familyas are one with the tommorow. Today is the same as tommorow. We wont change we wont stop because the fight isnt over. 

Love is love always and forever. Love is what got us here and love is what will take us back. Illusion is something people should learn from. Playing the game of love takes more than guts and sorrow. Hail kings and queens lets fight again tommorow. Until our next post dream big dream smart let the music play. Let the love take you in to the journey that is we call tommorow. 


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