Stories of cure 

Our stories of love notes from each other. Our stories of love has inspired the world to change with us. The world stood up. When we yelled lets go. The world believed in our world. A world where you can be you. A world filled with characters from our past pressent and future. I am one with nature and so is he. We are one together. Ive said yes to the dress. Ive said yes the love he has given me. Our words are one. Our words are real. We are the cure for people. Tallents of miss and fire. Tallents of love and creation. We have the words. We will never change. This is who we are we are the cure for age. Problems we all have. Problems we all see. But looking into life with a better sea. A wave of emotions a wave of power. Culture we seek from eyes of other. We are one with nature. We are one by heart. Words cant describe how happy we are. So instead we have something to rime. Pattiences is key. We dont have much time. Choosen ones we are. Choosen ones we will be. Put your faigth in me and I wont let you suffer. 

Fly to deep waters of the lake you will see. More than just a treasure. Flights rides and fight for tommorow. Inspire one and inspire all. We are more than enough. We are more than you see. Check the whole thing and read us bee. Kings and queens we are. Kings and queens we will always be. We still have more to do but for now its time to dance. He is mine and im his. We fixxed whats broken. Still far away from home but soon we will be together. Evolution is key evolution is a must. We only pick good apples and not rotten ones. We took people out we took people in. We are the slayer of the truth and we wont suffer. We have to keep swimming we have to keep raising the bars because soon we will be together. Plans are only for me and him and no one else. If you know a secret keep that with in. Soon it will have more. Soon it will change again tommorow. Our life our rules. Tonight we celebrate together. Thank you my sweet one sleep we shall be togehter. We only listen to out parents because the know who we are. Thank you and goodnight. 


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