Ending the night with love.

What a day let me tell you something. I’m still here and he still there. The day man its been an amazing day. Its time to rest. Your body needs time to process the beating and also the nourishment’s that you put in there.  Redemption is close the juice of the gods we are drinking.  strained from golden days. We discovered our antidote. We pass it down to our kids who then will pass it down to there familya’s

we are working our small but offs. But we need to bring the orchestra. We need to let it rain. We need to fight fire with fire. Not after not the audience has already applauded. Time to dance. Time to let the world feel the savage of our love. We are fighters me and him. Our kids are the same. So many people have tried to break us but we are not going to let them have any ounce of our time. You don’t matter to us. Humbled by our life and our familya’s

A coward once said either write something worth reading or do something worth writing Benjamin Franklin. We have done both with our words and with our beautiful creations. You must look at what you have become. You must stay true on what you are. This is what we are and if it enough for the world we should be enough for everyone else. Its time to dance. Feel our amazing positive energy. Feel our love.  Feel our amazing powers dream about us. Dream of life filled with love. Nothing but love. Always and forever cart3l dynasty. Let the music play


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