Changing what needs to be changed. Leaving baggage behind. 

Me and calvin are proud of what we created. We may be far from each othet but one text one facetime and we are back to the world we love. 

This morning instead of going for a run. I went to a for a bicycle ride. You see if you live oneline you need to kinda change it up abit. But still stay true to what you are. This is us 24/seven we are both hardwerking individuals who have a story. A story of love. The climb to the top is what we love. 

To be a strong leader that we want people will test us. We are here to prove to ourselves and to our familyas that we can make it to the top by making a community of love. There is so much companies who already stood up for us. Let nature do what nature does best. 

What brings me joy are the following. 

  1. My partner
  2. Our familya, mine and his
  3. Our kids
  4. Our work 
  5. The community thats behind us.

You see life is simple. But learning from your struggles and learning from mistakes is what sets us a part. We evolve in time to the person that we want to become. 

We use words, images and videos. We use our gifts and tallents that was given to us by our familyas. 

We are not the norm and never will be. This is why I feel inlove with him. Ive said yes to the dress long time ago. Ive said yes to the life with him. 

We cant stop and we wont stop for individuals that care for us. We are here to show the world that no matter what life has to offer. You need to take it. You need to use every single inch of what the milenia brings to you. 

We like to thank all of the people behind us. We like to thank you for joining us to this amazing journey we call life. 

Its time to dance. Its time to celebrate another great success in our life. We are the most powerful influencers out there because we are from love. We are here to make waves and send positive enegery. We are here as a voice for people who dont have one. We are here to inspire the uninspired. Thank you, xie xie from me and him and our kids. 


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