We are platform! We are the future of content. We are from love. We are the future of now age media. We are cart3lfromlove.com. Ending the night with love.

Its not easy we make it look easy. Farfetch how people still think this isnt going to work. Farfetch how there is alot of people that dont believe what I can see. Its not funny its painfull when I see what other people say. I saw somethings today that I can never ever in my entire life would think I would ever see.

I have no more shame online. I did! I gave it up for everyone in my life. I gave up alot of things. One of them is my pride. That the most hurt to let go. I am a pridefull person. Im not going to lie. Im filled with ego. Ego that people gave me and boost me up. Today is the hardest yet. Only because of the painfull things I saw. We have alot of things to celebrate. One is getting two deals in the bag. Slowly but surely we are getting them. Patience is what we seek for. Patience is not my strongest suit. It is a waiting game. 

My emotions are locked and caged now. Pain is a huge emotion that I only have. I miss the world that I love. I miss everysingle thing that I was used to. 

I dont live here and I dont belong here. Take me home to the place I belong. All my good memories and all my great times are the world I love. 

Take me home to the roads that I love. Take me home to the place where I belong. I WONT GIVE UP ON MY DREAMS. It took me 3 years to put this whole thing together. It took me 3 long painful battle with leaders with people and said you know what I can do that. Every single one of them said no. Every single one of them said you need to be this you need to be that. This is our growing pains. I know this as a fact a known fact that this will be our path to get to the top. 

We are in the trail of hope. Hope that tommorow brings a better future for me and him. Hope that I get to where I need to in life for eternal bliss. Cart3lfromlove.com is about celebrating individuality. Cart3lfromlove.com is about celebratin of life. Now more than ever I can see where I need to go. 

It took me awhile to understand why people would say things like that. Its because Ive been in the dark for the longest time. I had my head in the game to much. Sometimes you really need to take yourself out and get lost in order to find home. Im from the 90s and I live in the current milenia filled with oppurtunities that people have lined up for me. Its time to more than step up the game its time to bring a storm. Its time to wear our favourite boots and dance to the beat of our hearts. Today Tommorow and Forever I will always choose love. Love is what brought me here. Love is what gave me the streagth. Even in my darkest hours. Even in my darkest times love is where I belong. 

My hands are from a writter and an educator. My heart belongs to a child that dreams for a better world. My eyes belong to the future. My body belongs to each and eversingle individual out there that dont have a strong voice. My head bellongs to the moutains of my future. 

Tonight science answered from the great streets of toronto. Tonight I ask people to email me for more love notes. Cart3lfromlove@gmail.com so I can finally get home. This is it guys this is the wave of my great emotions charge with electrical powers of posetive energey. This is what we are. This who I am. Take it of leave it. Move to the left and take the exit. Thank you, xie xie and salamat for every single one out there who is reading cart3lfromlove.com read the whole thing we are nothing but a great story of love. 


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