Good Morning

Its Monday and we are back to the grind. Yes we sure are. Lets get everything straight today. As the mother of the house I have a lot of jobs and I’m going to list them off.

  • I work online for Ix daily as contributor
  • I work online as a coach for beach body
  • I work as a publicist online for me, Calvin and our kids
  • I work for my Japanese mom and her store.

I know I know that’s a lot of jobs. But if you love what you do then its really easy. Life should be easy people just like complicate things you know. For example making a company is easy making a store is easy. Life is the struggle and who you choose to be in business with is the struggle. Yes I am planning and replanting seeds. We are sick and tired of people telling us yes but then when push comes to shove they don’t do anything for us.  Here are some of our old articles that we have or you guys.

We will let it rain now more than ever but waves will come when we want. step your game up because we are stepping ours. If you still don’t understand what we are doing now is the time for you to exit stage left because I’m tired of your stupid ass trying to be in our way. Thank you, xie xie but this is business. If you get hurt sorry I am not your mom our kids are legends and they are grown. They know what we are doing.




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