Tucking him in 

As I play with this cat. I miss the world we live in. One message and video and we are both back. You see life is simple. Life is fun people just complicate things. 

People are people. But its really how we choose to live. Its how you see the beauty in life. Some people are just born to be great. Some people will look at things and add a bad meaning into it. Like the world cart3l. Some people will always put you down no matter what. We like to see the good in people. We do. But lets be honest here. 

The struggle is real for us. But we are happt people. Yes we are we are easy breasy beutiful. We worked our tiny bums to get here. The world knows who we are now more than ever. That is good enough for us. We inspired someone atleast. Thats is enough. For some people love notes ade not enough for somepeople we are not enough. But at the end of the day. As long as we are both happy. Thats all the matters.  We matter to people know. This matters to people. The gods the new and the old are looking for us to shine bright like a diamond. 

You see. No matter what you do in life you wont be able to please anyone. Always please yourself first. We are not influenced by anyone anymore except our familyas and our team. Let it be know that today. Is not just an amazing day for love. Today we see it clearly. We see who really has what it takes. We took this book and we are now taking it to church. 

Why are we not afriad because we have people guarding the walls. We also have prince our party monsters. 

Now is the time to dance to the greats gods. Of music feel the energy and the vibrations of nature. Dream about us dream about our love. Dream of a better tommorow. We turn our dreams in to reality. Thats what we do. Cart3lfromlove.com is about celebration and hardships. Speak up stand up you never know who is listening. Let the music play. Feel the love. Dance to our heartbeats. Always and forever cart3l dynasty. 


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