Good morning another miracle morning

I had a miracle morning. Im still here and he is still there. Yesterday was a day let me tell you. But on sundays we rest. We let out bodies rest. Its been a crazy how much we see more and more people using our tallents. Specially the ones that we trully love. Its inspiring even. 

Art is always part of culture, fashion, music and pop in general. Even sports really. Diana the huntress. 

My love and his loves are jointed in one. Last night as I tuck him in. It saddens me the most that I dont get to run to his arms. But thats ok we will see each other soon.

Lets talk again soon. But right now I have to let our mind and body heal. Its sunday the time of rest. We have spun gold. The monster woke me up today. He wanted attention. We are with familya’s you know. 

Even if we are a million miles away we know what our plans and moves are and if we are enough for some people. Thats all we ever wanted. We have more stories. More articles coming to everyone shortly. 

Never ever stop dreaming and never ever stop fighting for love. Let nature do what it does best. Let the creative juices flow. Let the music play its time to dance. Always and forever cart3l dynasty. Lets play the game of love. Tag your it. Be kind to one another. 


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