Ending the night wih love, success and victory.

While the rest of the world was you know having there fun. Im still here and he still there. I the queen of the dynasty.  Have many jobs. Today one of my biggest one is deciding to leave and cut off someone in our team. Yes you im talking about you coward. 

We are a team. Me and him. We communicate with each other all the time. Again some people still dont respect us we are ok with that. Some people still dont think our powers are something. 

But you know what. Maybe this person we were just never ever suppose to work with each other. Its cool our plans are working and we are enough. 

If we are enough for the world and we are celebrated then we are happy and glad. Farfetch how people are still naive. I am not here to prove anyone wrong. I am here to work hard for me, my partner, our familyas and lastly our kids. We dont owe anyone explanations. 

We are an indepedent company. We have raised the bar high. If you cant keep up sorry its your lost and gain for others. 

Its time to share some of this love to the right people. Starting with old palls. Yaaaaaas gaga we have string friends. Friends that have there own companies. Do not be naive. Do not play stupid. 

We our in the path of hope and ressurrection. Me and him are the choosen ones not you.

What else have you guys called us? Keep it coming your comments doesnt do anything to us anymore. We are stronger than ever. We are celebrated. We are the cart3ls here is the wave of electric emotions catch it stay proud. Stan tall you are a legend now. Legends rise now to the occasion of our legends ball. We shall rise over and over again. Tonight the great dark magic has been burried. Tommorow we rise in power off light. We are enough. What we do is enough. Stand with us. Hand in hand we will get to the top. Only legends. 

If you dont like any of what we say or do. Please move to the left. Im happy to show you where the exit is myself. THANK YOU. for playing the game coward and thank you for making your own bed. Tonight sleep with the uglies. I just dubbed you ugly and baggage just like the rest of them.  Thank you, Xie Xie and salamat sa walang sawang suporta. We wont change because you already know us. We wont stop because this is what we do. Cart3lfromlove.com is here to inspire for peoplw who cant. Speak up for people who cant. The battle has just begun. But there is no stoping us. Will talk again soon. Bye bye. 


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