Im sick and tired of explaining today. I cant deal with the entire situation anymore.  You cant please anyone man. Its a hard life is you choose to just please everyone you have to pleace yourself and the end of the day. Yourself is what you need to take care of no one else is going to take care of anything else. Mark my words im not doing anything to hurt anyone. Im sick in tired of all this crap. You need to stop and think. You need to. Ive done enough talking thats why my last one is just pictures. Its bullshit. I have to deal with everyones but shit. Im tired. Im going back to sleep no one ever listens. What ever. 

Do you. Do whats good for you. Do what you think its right for you. This is just words if you gey hurt please cry somewhere else because im sick and tired me. More than anything in the world byeeee to everyone bullshits. Im going back to sleep. I should have stayed in bed this morning but I went running. Its saturday I have done enough work for once.


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