Ending the night with Love

Its been a crazy day. Im still here and he is still there. I got a deal today from a place that people wont think you can get a deal out of. That’s enough for me and him. People have called us names. Ego maniac self absorbed idiots. all of this hurt. But what people don’t understand is life is really easy and simple. you really don’t have to complicate anything. some people this is not enough. For the right people its great and its celebrated. That is all we have really wanted for the longest times. Its still hard yes that’s why we document everything. Proud we stand because of what we have done. I am so happy today because its done. The whole work that I have been wanting to finish is done with extra bonus deal. People are people and some are really naive and stupid. That is hard when you know how life is easy. We will never stop and we will never end. We shall let it rain. Thank you and good night will talk very soon. Here are some of our old articles for everyone to enjoy.



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