Here it comes the lightning round 

Balong and I. I should say my furniture designer are working on somethings.  Moves has been made let me see who has what it takes. Lets goooooo playing with sharks we need to stand proud together. This is rise to the ocassion of our legengends ball. 

We will makes wave electrical ones. Jump cry do what you need. Be the slayer of the trugth. 

We had a great day its time to tuck him in. Night night I will be tipping the gods and playing with love. 

So much more fun now since we are independ. We lost our inhibitions. Cart3l came out to shine like no one other.

Evolution of revolution if love stands together lets go have some fun. Farfetgh I know but mama ru and someone other gave us the cure. Stand back and see. 

My sweet one my love. Thank you so much for opening your heart. Our world is getting bigger. 

This is inspired by fruit. 

Its time to dance. To beat of our hearts is one. Goodnight goodmorning. Xie xie and salamat. We shall talk tommorow. Its time to swim with the big sharkin. With some good tipping yaaaas we rule the world because we are flawless. 

Lets hear this beatdown. Lets go have some fun. Tommorow we play again tonight we slay again. 


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