Good morning

A Bird told me….Creativity rules In whatever proffession you are in. Yes this is true. Not just in any field but also In life in general. She also told me that creativity is the closets to be devine. Devine is what we are he wakes me up with a smile. A smila so cute I wish you can see it. I wish you would see how much he brightens my world. I wish you would see the love and not hate us. Well you dont always get what you want. Today a women who really truely doesnt matter in my life sends me a message on facebook. Wow the people are more than just getting cute. They are getting brave. I dont get cute I get drop dead gergoues. 

This is the closets one I have to the smile he gave me this morning. We will have so much werk to do. Im still here and he is still there. But you know what double the power.  We are stronger and more wiser now. Our moves are getting boulder. There not for everyone there only for me and him and our familya. 

Yesterday was a great day for love. Dont let anyone influence you. Dont let anyone tell you other things. We dont we only listen to each other and to our familyas. The sharks we consider them as friends. The sharks we are swimming with are great at what they do. But we will be better. We are more orriginal. Our feelings and emotions are part of our game. We wont say what we are werking on. We wont say who we are talking to. We choose the light today, tommorow and forever. I was right about a certain individual. I was right she gave me a talk. I aint sick….never was and never is. I knew how things play out. I have a vission for art. I dont want to say that I can see the future. My predictions are real. They come to me and I manifest my dreams into reality. 

We both madd this comoany equally. With the support from our familyas. I urge people to look at how far we have came. Look at us. Look at what we have done to get here. We still have our values. Somepeople dont. Respect is earned in this industry and this field. Expect the unexpected we are jumbling it all up. Too real? Naaaaaah if its to real for you you then take the exit stage left. Sit down! Know your lane in my life and his. We dont owe anyone explanations. We dont owe anyone anything we are an indepedent company. The truth will out. Maybe this person wasnt a legend. We have power electrical waves. My name is Richard John Chox T Talay Rose Cart3L queen of the evolution. He is my partner in crime. We are the choosen ones. Its time to have some adventures today. Yey for love. Yey for making our world bigger and bigger. Bye bye will talk again later.


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