For lunch and brunch we are serving the nature.

We had a great morning. He is still there and im still here. I wont put up with crap that people do. I will stand up for love. I will stand up for me and him. You dont know what kind of love he gives me or I give him. He puts me first all the time. Me his partner. We made this company together and we are testing who has what it takes. Who can survive. If you cant please go now. Move to the left. Exit and never come back. 

Our company our rules. You are here to only advice us. You dont get to treat us like crap. Dont play with us.

Im telling you one last time. Do not talk about me or him. We are the most powerful influencers out there. Status is given to us. 

We test people so we know who we can or cannot trust. 3 strikes and your out. Im telling you test us one last time I will blast you myself and show the world how ugly you are. 

Feel the our electric powers of positive enegery and love. He loves me and I love him. We dont have to tell you or explain to you what we are doing. 

The sun is out and nice. Thank you for playing with us. We will talk to you guys soon. Bye for now


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