The truth of the matter is. We do this for us. For our future mine and his. Our familyas are helping us. But we push ourselves everyday. We rally on like there is no tommorow. Love and nothing but love is why we keep going. So we cam have the life we want. So our parents mine and his will be proud of our creation. Like most people we go trough hardships. He keeps me calm. He puts me first and I do the same thing. Nothing is easy in life. We both know that. We are both hardworking individuals. What you see is what you get.

No matter what you do in life. Someone will always test you. But at the end of the day when you know you know. We visualize what we have to do. Struggles are part of the adventure. As humans we are designed to want validation. Yes we have people who are helping us. But we were the ones who got us here.

I get upset when we get disrepected by people that are not even part of our life. Power is power. When its given to you by great gods. You take it no questions asks. You can always pick the road you go. We wait for the people that we are working with. We are not afraid. Now more than ever. The rest of the world waits for us to drop. The rest of the world is looking at us. Sad to say that when you make a burger you have to kill the whole cow. The world is designed to test you. Its the way you rise. Its the way you look at life is what gets you by. 

We are the choosen ones. People are people. Burn the bridges you need to because you need to make a stand to them. Colaboration is what got us here. Colaboration is what will bring this up.

The idea of changing lives trough your words, images and design is what sets us apart from the rest. Stories is what we have for now. If its enough for the world its enough for us. 

Trail of hope and trail of justice for those who said no to individuals like me and him. Being different is the best thing anyone can have. We move trough life like artists do. We find inspiration from our day to day adventures.

Sometimes you just need to do it. You just need to force yourself and go for gold. Eternal glory. We speak up for those who cant. Me the mother can evolve to many roles. But my most favourite one is partner and a son. I wish people would stop questioning us but ciao that is life. Just like this morning. To question love is to question your self worth. 

We can smell the roses now. We can see what we need to do. It sucks that he is still there and im still here. But the foudation is love. And love is what will always prevail.

We never say never. We cant change because this is what we do. When people quote you or use your words its a great feeling. The world is really filled with individuals that are drom darkness. But we are the proof of our parents creations. We stand proud and we pat our backs. Our world is truely expanding. Expect the unexpected. Which we do everyday.

We always make promises to each other. When we get to a certain stage in life. You need to own your moments. We are more than humbled. The gift of light is only given to certain individuals. 

So for tonight we end the night in peace. We end the night with both happiness and sorrow. Only because I wish he was in my arms. Its okay we will see each other soon. Its okay the bricks have been paved. We will always stand up for equality. We will always stand up for love. 

Thank you for following our journey. Thank you for chearing us on. Thank you for using our words. Thank you for the never ending suport. It took me 3 years to plan this whole thing. My name is Richard John Chox T Talay Rose Cart3l. He is calvy Cart3l. This is our destiny. This is our creation. This is our love story. This is us. Always and forever Cart3l dynasty. Stand proud dont let anyone else take our leggends ball. You are a legend now. If you still dont get it. Please keep trying. But dont you dare play dirty. Take the exit to the left if you dont like what we do. The choice is always yours. Byeeee lets talk soon again. Its been cute its been fun. Let the music play. Lets go. Hand in hand we can do this. 


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