And then I realise.

As an indepedent company. We are allowed to voice our oppinions. Me and him. Its all part of the game. We are focused like ford focus. Sometimes you really need to lay it down think for other people. Power is power and power was given to us and status. Our plans are only for me and him and our familyas. Yes we still have lots of werk to do. 

Some of it bad. Some of it good. But stories and articles are what we have in our game. We dont let anyone dictate the pace. We are the ones who made it. So we will talk about only the ones we love. The final stages of the magazine is reallt coming very soon. The final stages of the company is on its way. The stories will be here. The stories will evolve and revolve around us and our kids. Im still here and he is still there. This is the hardest on us. Because we are really far away from each other. We are not just talking to one person we are talking to so many. Let it be known that we had a good day. Let it be known that from here end we will always choose to celebrate life than the bad. He really does give me life. Little victories is what we are celebrating today. Today is another day that we wish we had each other in our arms. Tommorow we look forward to a new venture. We promise we wont change and we promised we wont stop. We are here for those who need inspiration. We are here for people that dont have a voice. Each day we thank the great gods the new and the old. We are humbled by the gestures that is given to us. Our familays are what sets us apart from the rest of the ugly people of the world. The dark days are long gone. We choose the light now more than ever. I have a tip for everyone. People will be intrested in you when you start releasing your inhibitions. He’s heart is mine and and mine is his. I tranform in to many different characters but I will always and forever be. Richard John Chox T Talay Rose Cart3l mother of my own house. HE is Calvy Cart3l. Illusion is an art form. We dont show you how hard it is to make it for a reason. The behind the scenes is for us the struglles we tell the world for a reason. There is a process and there is a path. The key to life is celebration. Mama ru said it first if you cant love yourself how the hell are you gonna love somebody else. We found the cure and also may have a slight queen talking about us. Let the music play and be kind to one another good night to all and dance to the beat of our hearts. Yay we did it again we madr the world better with our positice energey. Thank you, xie xie and salamatar from me and him and our familyas. Until later always and forever cart3l dynasty


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