Views of the world from cart3ls prespective.

Hi the world of fashion is something that people will always love. The world if health and technology is where the world is headed too. As an artist is either you have an eye or you dont. Colaborstion is what we do. Our kids are thr future of this company. The milenia opens doors for evevery body. I can slay my words of fashion. That I got it covered. Style is something you are born with. Mix media arts is what we are trying to achieve much like him. The post about fruits that opening cermony just posted is the vision that I have but with contributors all over canada. You see will eventually turn it self to an educational magazine. Everyone and anyone can make a magazine now a days. What sets us apart is the voices we will be including. All them have different views in life. Different captures. I love the underground scene. I love the old grunge movement. I love punk. Art is really in your eyes. 

You can snap something and people wont know it. But for some they will think its beautiful. Fashion and art is subjective. But its really up to us in how we see the beauty in it. 

What will set us apart from the rest is. We can see it all. We have the eye and the persevirance. My japanese mom is one if those. She showed me how to use my eye. My father is a writer my littler is a journalist my oldest one is artist of comunications. Calvin has a prespective in life. His brain is majical and he can turn it on or off

There is a reason why I never used hashtags. There is a reason why I kept doing what I did. A great teacher of the arts once told me. You must break the pattern. I do everyday. I break not only chains but I break it all done and put it back up. 

I have a vission. Planning is key to what or how you move to the next part of your construction. He is an artist. Ive seen things that he has done. Mostly he does it on walls. Some ive seen in paper. But the art that he truelly does is lifestyle.

You see when your just starting on a project and you really get excited you need to force yourself to get to the bottom of things. That what we did. 

Now the best part is you also take it seriously now. Its farfetch I know but I always knew that the artiss will always get what I do. 

Evolution is key when your making a great art work. But you also need to look back. The validation that we never asked for is given to us. Status is given and we took it. With pride and dignity. The post in so inspiring. 

Again being validated is something we never asked but when you do just like that. I know there is hope for change in the world. Fame isnt the target but when it comes to that we are cool with. Another amazing inspring day for love. Thank you opening ceromony. I have to play with concepts now. You have been a great friend opening ceromy you inspire me. Thank you thank you from the bottom of my cold heart and his stunningly warm heart. 

Wow just wow no more words againm Thank you 


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