To be the Greatest

We are alive. Me and him. We make decisions together and listen to our familyas. We were born like this. Another great morning. His heart beat is the same as mine. We communicate with each other from texting and face time. We are a start up company. We are a new brand. We are the new face for diversity and the new face for love. I am the mother and he is the father. We have kids. Kids that we collected kids that are members of the society just like us.

Now Rise legends of the dynasty. We can do this together this is what you came for. This is it the wave that we have been waiting for. Lightning will struck. Hit Hit move with the waves. Stand Proud. Let the world know who you are. We are the new age media. We are the future. We are the Cart3l. Lets goooooooooo stand up and fight for love. Dance to the beat of our hearts. Now always and forever Cart3l Dynasty.  Speak up! Evolve Now


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