Silencia leave now and never come back.

We are ending the night now. People are trying to be to cute. First things. Leave us be. We are together and happy. Last but not the least exit stage left. The whole point of the waves is to feature our small team. Not everyone can be a part of it. Not everyone we will like. We had a great day. Lol if you didnt dont take it out on us. We wont do what you want. We dont listen to ugly people. Ego my ass. We dont have ego. We are humbled by the whole thing. Let me tell you something miss thing reading is part of the culture of drag. I can read you back and fort. Just because you want it doesnt mean we will give it to you. Know your lane in life. With that being said. My mom is home. She is making me food. Listen to us. Do not disrepect us we wont put up with that crap.  

Here is our guard dog. Prince the party monster he will bite you. Hehe. Sometimes I just wish you see what other people do online just to get our attention. Peoples comments dont do anything to us anymore. We dance it out. Another great day. Im gonna for a run. Looks like the sun is out finally. Byeee. Im gonna let you in a secret. Nope I wont. Lol secrets are for only our team. Also do you mama. You aint a legend. We are just not meant to work with each other. But you know people will always take you down. We call you ugly now.  Thank you and xie xie. For all the nice things people keep giving us and people keep opening the doors for us.  We have a vision on how this is going to play out. Our plans are working we will just keep swimming. Guess what mama you aint a big shark we are swimmibg with them. Do us all a favour and look at the mirror please. Maybe you will finally see how ugly you are. Or atleast I wish. Gurl im from toronto. I have the charms of a west girl. But the streets is where I learned the tips and tricks.  The waves will come when they come catch it guys. Stand proud. We can do this together. 


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