Playing with words from the great gods.

From the fashion world, to the super models of the world, tube stars trinity and beyond, music legends to real royalty. We say yes. We dont need no frauds she said. We never lied to anyone. You know the real struggle in life. He is still there and im still here. We will never change because this is who we are. Sides we dont pick use our words you guys did. Some are still naive some still cant see the change we did. Its okay. We know what to do. We can block the ugly now. Status is given to us. Toronto is ours. montreal is hers. Calgary is given to a child. A great child of arts. The queens of the race will always have our backs. They know what its like to fight for love. Break I took from the game I love. My head belongs to his schoulder. Not everyone will get it. We are ok with that. If we are enough for the world. All we needed was us. Familyas will always be there. Vancouver is ours familya is here. People think its hard but really it isnt. You see we swim with the big sharks. The great gods we talk to everyday. They have our backs. Let nature do what nature does best. We know where we are heading to. Our plans our mine and his. We wont forget who stood up for us. We will write love notes about you guys. Playing and creating is our favourite thing. We are to good to stop now. Kings and queens we are. The dynasty will always rise. Because we are complete.  Because we are original. Because we are real

The library is always open. Hogwarts is always here. Send the alarm if you do need help. The world we love has been expanded. We slay we will always slay. Dig deep our kids. Shine bright more than a diamond. Dont let anyone take it. Dont let anyone say no. Walls walls are there built from legos. Built from love. Live for the moments that matter. We do everyday. A touch of the world we love. A view of his eyes brings me to tears of joy. Brings me to his heart. We will see each other soon enough little one. We dont talk anymore to others we let go. Baggage must be burn. Let that company burn. Let that company cry. Never say never. But I will never ever go back to the snakes that poisend me and him. We have more today. But for now enjoy this. Enjoy the moment. Go talk to someone. Go hug someone go. Be the cure. Dance to the beat of our hearts. Soon we can see it. The be the choosen ones some with mock the path we take. Some will look down on it. But you know what let them. We will prove them wrong. Tears now are only meant for joy. We release our inhibitions already. You see your already witnessing our moment. Touch this skin darling touch all if this skin you cant take this. He was the ugliest of them all. I blocked him already this one for that dummie. You know what dummie we won. What are you gonna do about it? Nothing. Stoning is for ugly gurls. We are taking it all in. This matters to the right people now. This matters to us. This matters for the other who dont have a voice as strong as us. We are not afriad to fly anymore. Smile the moment is here. Smile the moment is so big. We are putting our best show. We wont waste it we wont. We believe we catched the shooting stars. 

We belive in the impossible. Own it we did. Slayers the truth we are. This is our acceptance speach this is our way of saying thank you. It took me 3 years to put it together but when he opened his heart to me I knew I knew. I said yes to the dress long time ago. We have more than love notes and letters. Soon we will add them slowley. Patience is key to life. Jusy keep swiming. Mama ru said it first. Call shade we dont care. We stand proud of what we created. We stand proud of what we have done. The games are for the sharks. Waves are for us to enjoy. We wont tell you when they will come. Be prepared love will always will always win. Always forever cart3l dynast. Byeeeeeee will talk again later. 


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