Good morning

Adomoc online asked the question of what makes me happy. Alot of things makes me happy. Getting a txt, call or call from him makes me happy. Seeing and being with my family makes me happy. Finally being taken serious by the big sharks makes me happy. 

Im complicated yes that is true. Im not the norm and will never be that is true. The climb makes me happy. Proving people wrong makes me happy. Not gonna lie hard proving people wrong. But people care now. They do this matters now to the right people. Yesterday ive cried twice about the most simple things. 1 in the morning when the great god edward put that post up. It blowed my mind. 2 when two of the greatest brands like opening ceremony and jennifer fisher listened and put up posy specifically meant for me I cried and melted. Which we have articles about these people coming to you very shortly. That made me really happy. 

The world that we live in me and him is really special. What you see is just a glimpse of that.  I will be boring lines from one of our favourite movies. 

“The Ministry of Magic has always considered the education of young witches and wizards to be of vital importance.The rare gifts with which you were born may come to nothing if not nurtured and honed by careful instruction. The ancient skills unique to the wizarding community must be passed down the generations lest we lose them for ever. The treasure trove of magical knowledge amassed by our ancestors must be guarded, replenished and polished by those who have been called to the noble profession of teaching.Every headmaster and headmistress of Hogwarts has brought something new to the wheighty task of governing this historic school, and that is as it should be, for without progress there will be stagnation and decay. 

I hated her in the book and in the movies but she isnt real. She lives in the book and in our heads. Like we said. These are just words if you get hurt go cry to someone else. Our kids are legends now. They know what to do. They know what we are doing. 

We know what our plans are and we kmow what this company will become. We keep swimming for the possibilities and that makes me happy. The climb to the top is not easy. No one will give you anything. Yes that is true. WALLS HAVE BEEN BUILT. THE CART3L DYNASTY IS COMPLETE. It did take me 3 years now I can relax and look and the skies. We makes our dreams into reality. Thank you for reading the magazine. Thank you for reading our stories. Until our next post dance to the beat of our hearts. We have the cure and mama ru said it first if you cant love yourself how the hell are you gonna love somebody else. Let the music play. Be kind to one another Xie Xie, salamat from me, him and our familya. The waves will come when they come. Happy hunger games and may the best woman win. 


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