What are we working on.

We are working on article and stories. Our stories will always be there. Our stories will revolve around us. Its farfetch how people think. Silencia we wont say this again. If you are tired get a coffee. If you are not pattient enough move the left and exit. We are werking on videos and our ecommerce website. 

Its time you dedicate yourself to what you want to do. This is our company we are swimming with the big sharks not. We named you guys for a reason. To show you our loyalty. Times are changing and things are moving. Our moves are bigger and badder. We have moved past our love to electric love to ultra love. Our plans are for us me and him and our familya. We have worked our ass of to get here. With help from people close to our hearts. This company is run be us. Me and him our familyas help us to decided what moves to make. You are not here to tell us what to do but to advice us. Im killing the game because im the mother and the publicist. I have to be the loudest. He is there werking on our hub and deals. Power is power and power is given to only fair amount of people. We wont change we wont stop. But we do read. 

Our stories are enough for the world. Our stories is what got us here. Opurtunities and doors are opened for us. We wint git infleunced. Mama ru said. If you cant loce yourself how the hell are you gonna love somebody else. We are loving ourselves first. We take time and listen. The world is telling us where to go. Follow our hearts and our art. We are artist and we vallidated ourselves. Thats how you stand proud of your accomplishement. The dynasty is complete but we are expading it. This is a production company. Csrt3lfromlove.com is our platform. Is a magazine. Yes is a story yes. Its all if the above. We are ready let us know who we can help you with your needs. Thank you and we will talk later. Byeeeeeeeee we out! 

Thank you to our big mothers who are werking extra hard. The leaders who stood by us. Yaaaaaaaas slaaaay everyone and join us in celebrating life. 


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