Views from our eyes

Our world that we love lives in our hearts. Me and him are the newest ones out there. Babies are what they call us. We started a revotution for love and for equality. We turn dreams into an empire. Fear has been faced and we said no! Self made we are yaaaas. We have stayed truth to who we are thats why we can dictate change. Only because are real. Vision you will only come to you when you dig deep. Survivor of the sharks. Words we use and now here is a touch of our monacco. We will never feel like outsiders now. Because we stood loud proud. 

The world is ours. Skies the limit now more than ever. We burn the bridges and we stand proud of what we have accomplished. We are self made me and him with lots of help from different people. We are not alone. Dig deep. Reach for the unreachable. Never back down to a fight. Dont let anyone say no to you. Kill them with kidness. But when the ugly comes out block them. Dont stone the ugly. Let the world stone them. The new age and the new era of the dynasty. Use our tallents use our words. 

Blow them away. Mcqueen and I share something by heart. I have watched him in my early days. We are trullt honered to be the choosen one. Its not easy but we were born this way baby. Take us or leave us the choice is always yours. Thank you, xie xie and salamat to the companies that stood up for us. Here is the wave of our electric charge dance and be kind to one another. We found the cure and now we are all cries out. Rise to our legends ball. Lets goooooooooooooooo we are working twice as hard this time. We hustle to the top. Bow down to the greatness of the dynasty. Respect the decision we made. Respect the status that was given to us. If you get hurt go cry somewhere else. If you dont get it keep going find the legend in you. Byeeeee 


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