Tonight is a step to the right direction.

Contemplation is a must. You really need to dig deep and see whats going on our there. Never say never. Other doors were opened. Sometimes you need to stand proud of the decision and how things turn up they way it did. The world is a revolving door. How farfetch and ironic things are. Imaginary and visionary is what artist do. Collaboration is what we will do. It took me a long time to really see clear. Why? Because of the preasure from others. Not from him or our familyas. But from other people. She said be the cure. She said rule proud of what you have made. Its realky beautiful thing we created. Me him and iur famaliyas. I only talk to family. We dont let anyonr influence us anymore. Sometimes in life you need to teach others lesson on how to do things. We are not perfect. We have flaws like everyone else. But we are orriginal and the people we choose to collaborate with or choose to tell our secrets to is our side. We collect hearts. We look and wait to see how people react. Some are very ugly but we know how to block them now. Character is what we also see in people. We trust our kids because they know how hard it is to get up the social ladder. Its time to rest. We had the most amazing day. Its still hard. You know seeing each other just on the screen. Smilling and giving each other love million milles away. This world that we keep talking about is what fuels me and him. Our plans and our moves are for us and our familyas. 

We want to say thank you to everyone who reads the magazine. For some people letters are enough and those people are the first ones who stood up with us. We are swimming with the big sharks now. We are small but we have powers. Kill them with kidness. But be the slayer of the truth. 

We only have one rule is that you respect the decisions we made. Also pat your back if you stood up for love. The dynasty has been complete long time ago. The last one came back. We still have long ways to go. But now we have the cure. Now we saw who can last and who cant. Stand up for what you believe not for others but for yourself. We do it everyday. We did again. We changed the world again by sending our positive words out there. Tonight we are still in our phase 3. But our plans have evovolved now more than ever. 

The great gods are still smilling on us. The games are done but the waves are here to stay. We wont tell you when. You need to just wait for them. We promise the same things. We will still have our stories. But we are slowlt but surely adding more and more ways to give joy to everyone. This is just words  if you get hurt you know what to do now. What? Yes exit stage left. Block the negative enegery realease your inhibitions. Always and forever cart3l dynasty. Its time to tip and dance. We will talk to you guys later. Byeeeeeee 


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