Isabella blow

If you dont kmow who she is then you know what I wont explain it. The world that me and him live in has expanded. I woke up from a dream that I was back in our world. As artist you know when your art is enough. You know when to stop  and start doing. This matters to the right people. It wasnt enough for them. It wasnt enough for the ugly. When we first started we jusy kept doing it and doing it for the wrong reasons. Now we are in the right path. This matters now. Our love notes matter now to the great gods. I never even imagagine that people like edward or people like duma and delaru would talk to us. Its truelly an honor. A great gift to wake up to. He is still and im still here. Swimming with the big sharks is more than enough. Words cant express how happy I am at this moment. He is my world. The world that me and him created is so beautiful. Now is the time for eveyone to open there hearts to someone. Now is the time to dance to the omthe sound of our hearts mine and his. 

Has anyone seen the new annie? Im borrowing some words from a great artist. Oppurtunities is what you opened for me. Under the glow of his eyes im not just a person. Im not afraid of a thousand eyes. The great gods are smilling. The great gods are pushing. We accept the challenges. Now look at me and him under the spotlight. Your witnessing our moment you see. It took me 3 years 3 years to finally get the guts to do it. Im taking it all in im not afraid to fly. Shinning is what we do best. The moment was already given. Thank you we will put our best show.  We wont waste it. Lets talk again soon ok. For now I have to go back to my cocoon. We still have more work to do. We will make waves soon. But we wont tell you. Catch them ride them stand up for yourself. Stabd uo for equality stand up for those who cant. Scream shout get mad. The world is watching the games are over. Rise to the occasion. Be legend Be Proud. Stand tall look at fear and tell fear no. Not today. Always and forever cart3l dynasty.


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