Ending the night now.

Yaaaaaaaas. We did alot today. Its time to end the night. Time to have some fun. Im exhausted. The waves will come when they come. You just nees to be ready for it. Never say never. We know where to go now. We know what directions need to happen. Beautiful she goes. Im sculpted by my familya. The light was given by him. We burn bridges for a reason. Scars everyone can see. We dont have to change anything because the world changed for us. For the ugly leave your not wanted of welcomed. Humbled by the people that we surround ourselves with. 

Attention everyone should know how beautiful everyone is. This is why we are here. We are here for people that dont have a voice. Voice was given by someone who knew what our capabilities are. If you dont like what we are doing move to the left and take the exit all the way. 

Forgive the people that hurt you and release them out. You can always choose to look at the world in pain or joy. The angels we have we thank them for never giving up on us. This is the moment that we are waiting for. 

We are telling everyone we love you. Handle us with caution. It took us along time to build us back. We know what we got ourselves into. We know its not going to be easy. But we know people will catch us. 

Cheer with us. Fly with us. The dark days are over its time do dance now. Dance to the cure. Dance to the songs that give you life. Always know that what you cant handle today. You can tommorow. 

We are here and we will always be here. Self made, legendary, the dynasty is complete. Our plans are solid. Patience is hard. But we will keep swimming with big bad sharks. We will win because we are from love. Redemption was given. Kings and queens we are. Status was given. Status was take proud and loud. Do not cite the dark magic with me witch. 

Formation kids we have to rock the world. We have to make ou waves bigger than them. We got hot sauce in our bag. We came to slay bitch. 

Hold up its time to dance. Be kind to one another.  Slaaaaay and leave familya alone.  We dont build soldiers anymore. We build legends who has powers now. Take it its yours. Do what you must. Hide scream but play by the rules of respect. If you dont boy bye. Thank you, xie xie and salamat. From us. Yaaaaaas we are sickening we gonna be alright. Byeeeeee


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