auf wiedersehen to baggage.

The tears I have are joy. The tears I have now is a celebration. It took me 3 years to put this whole thing together. We made this company together me and him. He gives me life like no one can ever give. One phone call one txt and we are back in our world. You know this matters to the right people now. Pride we swallowed together. He is the only one that can calm me down. Its hard to explain it. 

He encourages me everyday. He pushes me to be better everyday. I am doing this for myself. But im doing this for me and him and our familyas. We are swimming with the big sharks. Finally we are respected now. 

Silencia I have a speach. Listen to us. Our dynasty will rise on its own. Our dynasty has just begun. Sometimes I get caught up with the comments of people because they are still puting doubts in our heads. But you know what. They dont matter. 

Culture and adventure is what we look for me and him. Hes brain is and the way he looks at me is what I love the most. We dont have to explain our selves to anyone. Our plans and our moves are just for us. He is still there and im still here. How I can run to him and carry him like I did. 

We have travelled and hustled our way into this industry together. Cure is what someone gave us. I am extra and he puts up to that everyday. 

But I will always and forever take only one name. I will fight for whats mine and his. I will take whats ours with love. No more blood. Enough of the dark days. Its time to rejoice. Its time to ford focus like there is no tommorow. I want to thank our familyas mine and his. I want to thank our big mothers. Today edward gave us something I have never ever in my entire life thought would be given to individuals like us. My name will always change. But I will only take one name forever. My name is Richard John Chox T Talay Rose Cart3l. His name is Calvy Cart3l. 

Caution to those who still will test us. We can read you from a mile a way. Royalty is only given to those who can stand proud. We are proud of the accomplishements we made. The child that im with is brilliant. We are planning a life. Not easy yes! But we are still here. Im still here and he is still there. The is a method to our madness. There is plan to our success. We will never ever change because what? Yes we are legendary. 

I can feel it now. Baby we will see each other soon. We are humbled that you guys are using us and our tallents. We are the choosen ones. The great gods are giving us all the answers. The great gods are telling us where to go. Shine bright like diamond. We are only getting started. We have more than stories. Stories are enough for now. Stories is what got us here. Thank you Thank you for everysingle one of you guys who reads the magazine. I have one tip. Yes ciao I can give tips to. Stick to your guts follow your heart. I follow mine all the time. I have said yes to the dress long time ago.  Live for the moment. Own your individuality. You never know who is listening. Always and forver cart3l dynasty. Byeee dor now will talk again later. 


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