This is what we are waiting for.

The sun is out. Yaaaaas. Finally its out. Silencia we have a lot of things to say. Ee are swimming with the big sharks. Sharks bigger than us. We have to expand things in order for things to grow. Its sink or swim now. The games are done for some. But we are conceptualizing ideas. We cant say things who we work for or who we are talking to because its a waiting game sucks to wait. But nature will takes its course.  

The great gods are watching our moves. This is more than enough for me and him. There not just watching there smilling. Lightning strickes we move. 

Everybodys watching us me and him. This is the last wave of the night. Kids all together scream shout amd let them know who you are. 

Now all together stand proud and let rhe world have it. Moments like this is what matters. Rise to the occasion of our legends ball. Dont let anyone take it dont let anyone say no. Dont back down. We are legends and we are fighting for whats ours. 

  1. Fly girls 
  2. Queens
  3. Pow pow 
  4. Frenchie lenchie. 
  5. Jakarta 
  6. Hongkong dynasty

Stand up for love. Stand up for independence today we took it and tommorow we will be better. We are who we are this is our dynasty. No one will dictate what we say. We are raw unedited. Take us. Use our tallents use our words. Vallidate life. Dance to beat of our hearts mine his and yours. Always and forever cart3l dynasty. 


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