The big sharks that we love.

As a fashion contributor for ix daily. We find inspiration not just from the streets. We also find our inspirations from the big sharks of the fashion world. Oppps we will drop names now. Sorry not sorry. Tina leung, Bryan Boy, Carolline vreeland, Adam Gallagher, Caroline Vreeland, Chiara Ferraghani, Rachel Zoe, Rumi Neely, Marcel Floruss, Nicole Ritchi, Coco Rocha, Anna Dello Russo, Miroslava Duma and many more. 

Yes they are huge people but if you actually jusy take your time and talk to them they will help. We also talk to alot of youtubers which are the funniest humans we have ever seen online.  They are trully a gift. Being a comic is hard. We love the idea that with our words and our videos we give people joy. You know we are very silly bunnies. Yes we are. We like to laugfh about the most stupid things our there. 

Sometimes no matter how hard your life is theres two things you can do. One dance it out. Two make a joke a joke of the situation. Know that no matter what you are going trough in life you are never alone. All you need to do is stand up and talk to someone. 

We all have problems. Yaaaas we do. Dont be a liza. Dont liza’s wont get anywhere. Honesty is still the key in life. Be honest to someone. He has always honest to me and I am the same way. That is one of the foundations of our company next to love. 

The ugly will always come put you down. is about celebrating peoples choices. is about empowering indivuduals who dont have a voice. We dont look at peoples faces we look at there spirits and how they rise to become a legend. We all judge that is human nature. But its you who have to see how you project that. The choice is always yours if you look at life in darkness or in light. We will always choose lightness. Just like having a light breakfast aka a mchicken. Lol yes as a torontonian who started in the west. I get to pat my back. Ive had friends who never even lasted a year and gave up and moved back to here. 

Maybe I was also lucky. But I dont believe in luck I believe in making your own path in life. 

Yes it took me 3 years to get to here but I wasnt alone in that. Ive had alot of help. From leaders, friends, familyas and last but certainly and will never be the least is him. When he opened his heart with me and he showed me how beautiful heart is. Baby im yours. 

I wish we can tell you guys things so you know what the ugly people have done. But we dont look back we keep swimming and no matter what love will always win. Now doors are being opened by the great gods. Thank you,Xie Xie and salamat from Me, him and our kids. 


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