Taking control of your power

This is also another topic that I want to talk about. Rull Proud! As queens we are very pridefull individuals. Yaaas queens lets not liza. We all have a chip in our shoulders. We have it too. But how do we stay humble? Because we dont let anyone else influence us. We also dont give up. We did take the hard way in the beggining. Because we were tested by the gods the new and the old. 

We are ultralove. Yesterday at the movies I went to the washroom in the movies wearing this. 

A one sleeve kimono realness inspired by the spam in me. The ugly who will break down your walls no matter what. Have said things to me. Infront of my face. You know what I did. I stood tall. Proud of the garment that I made. I wore this with him the very first time. In our special place called crews and tangos.  A gay bar in toronto. 

As I sit here in the village where I started my baby steps. I come to the conclussion that power is really given to those who know what to do with it. 

Im alot older than him. I am child of the 90s. He is a child of the milenia. But im the most dramatic thing you can ever meet. I normally chear for the bad side before. Ask some of my old friends they will tell you that I never really like relationships. But I said yes to the dress for one reason and one reason alone. His brain. He is trully one of the most brilliant people I have ever mett in my entire life. Just like my father. 

Lol we are both quality meet. Yes we are. Quality and substancial. To rull a dynasty. You need will be tested by everyone and yes everyone. Everyone will test you but you know what. We dont have to explain the relationship that we have with each other. Our world who created together has protection. Walls we have built around us.

We are the wild things out there. This is why we collect people. Because when we opened our world with others. They all shut us down in the beggining.

The place of liberty is in our hearts and in our heads. When you find this all your inhibitions will be lost and you will be a legend. 

We want rebels. We want people who are not afraid to break chains. Embrace the crazy in yourself. Do it its actually so much fun. We dont like to hangout where we are mot invited. Leave us alone amd exit stage left. The dynasty is complete. We have it all from kids all the way to leaders of the society. 

Stand up up to your believes dont let anyone say no. Dont let anyone influence you that you cant. Look at us. Took us along time to get here but we are here. We are not leaving and we are not changing because this is who we are. If you dont get what we are doing or still dont believe well you know what this how we dance. Like maniacs. Lets gooooo join us for the fifht for equality and the celerabration of life. Let it shine kids. Let yourself shine and you will trully be a legend. Bye for now will talk later. We still have lost of werk to do. 


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