Read us now.

For those who don’t read the magazine well guess what. Things are changing for the better and better. We will have articles from our contributors. But Before that let me show you just some of our Kids here in Vancouver. It was a great morning I still have to go back to downtown and get set up today. I Know its almost 12 We already accomplished so much and im so glad. Sometimes you need to step back and look at the bigger picture.


This is Aya one of our big mother here.


This is Hana the one second from the left her daughter.


This is Miyako She is in charge of our pictures and our youtube account


This is Bill our furniture designer


This is Panka she is in charge our apothecary label


This is Paulina! she does nail art.


Marietta is in charge of our flower arrangements. She is so good at them I cant wait to show you guys.

We have more kids that we are slowly going to introduce and reintroduce to you guys. We are really busy in creating content. We are hopping that by Monday. We will have a smooth transition from our stories to articles. Scheduling is hard since we are all busy bee’s.

We are both working hard while he is still there and I am still here.  We are focused like there is no tomorrow. We have more work to do. Thank you for playing the game we love. We wont be telling you guys when the waves are coming this time. We will spontaneously just give waves. So Thank you, Xie Xie and salamat from me and him and our kids. This is it guys. We have changed the world again. We are so thankful and humbled by the gods. Hope your having a good lunch/Brunch


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