Phase 3 

We have reached a new level today. Yes we have. The games are ending but the waves are here to stay. Today the world did not just embrace me and him. The world recieved our power. Yes the stories are going to be different now. The stories will have other people telling there stories. We will be adding more and more. 

I forgot that we are all family here. I also forgot that no matter what you do in life everything will be ok. 

The walls will never fall because cart3l is a family. Yes we are the new age. Me and him and our kids. We will dictate what we do with the company. We know what to do now. We know how to fight. 

We know how to fight with power. We will never ever stop because this is who we are. We are the future of this industry. Because we are tested by people but we are not afraid anymore. 

We are not harming anyone. We are blessed by the great gods. Things will get bumpy yes. But our plans are working out now more than ever. So chears to the people that stood up for us. Goodbye to the ugly. 

So here is another wave. Here is another amazing positive way for everyone to enjoy. Thank you, xie xie and salamat from my cold heart to his warm bubble spirit. We have the cure now. Test us we will always win because we are from love. Goodnight and dream about us. 


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