Inspiration from our eyes

It was a great morning and we swimming in the deep waters now with biggest sharks of the world. Scary?……Yes it is but you know what we really dont care if you dont accept us. We have our familyas and thats enough. The rest of the world stood up for us. Im in high heavens right now. Its hard very hard when your parnert in crime is all the way in the other side but we make it work with mesaging each other constantly.  Today I walked around for inspiration and also to get more collaborstors.  Here are some of the fashions that we saw. Some of it are just images that caught my eyes. 

Vancouver fashion and toronto fashion is polar opposites. Me and calvin dont really follow fashion trends. Well we do look at magazine and also we look at online but we never realy let that dictate what we were. Also we like to bend the rules as you can see. We dont want to be norm. We dont want to be basic like the rest of the world is. 

With that being said I think we need a wave of our magic. Here it is guys stand proud. Let the world know who you are. This is our time. This is our moment dont let anyone take it away. Fight for our legends ball. We will have more than one. Soooo get your freeking move on and get up. Wake up pearl stand for what you belive in we found the cure. Thanks to mother monster and mama ru. Of you cant love yourself how the hell are you gonna love someone else. May the force be with us all


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